About Stef Nichols


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Hi. First, a few basic facts about me.


I grew up in a small village in England, and studied English Literature and Linguistics at university. For many years I worked as a journalist and copy writer, living in various parts of England. Then I moved to Spain, got married, and had two wonderful boys. These days I live close to the sea with my family, and work as a translator. I still do the odd bit of journalism too.


Stef Nichols is a pen name. I thought I’d put a bit of distance between the different areas of my life, at least initially. I’m not sure what my clients and editors would think about my new career as a writer of contemporary women’s fiction. But rest assured, as soon as Halfway There sells a million copies I’ll drop the mystery!


There’s another slight deception in the name Stef Nichols. In reality it’s two people. My husband and I write the books together. Okay, I do most of the work, but he helps out with plots and with revising drafts. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s a ‘writing partnership’, and I’m certainly not going to let him put his photo up here! But if you're a male reader and you like the Halfway series, it might just be because a man was involved in writing the books.


Anyway, I hope you like the novels. Please drop me a line here, or consider joining my email list. I won’t be bombarding you with emails, but I will announce new novels as they are done, plus I'm planning a series of short stories set in Westwick, and they'll be free for subscribers.


Happy reading! Stef